Interest rates in the euro zone: Saving shame

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Interest rates in the euro zone


The variation in deposit rates in Europe is both stressing and puzzling



When you’re able to rake in 0.5%? wHY make 2% on your savings As it seems strange, that looks like the perspective of several Germans. Despite national agony in the determination of the European Central Bank (ECB) to keep interest rates at rock bottom, not many are taking the chance to get higher yields by starting accounts elsewhere in the European Union. It’s just one more indicator, if any were needed, of the means by which the integration of European financial markets has gone since the disaster into reverse.
Interest rates, for both deposits and loans, differ widely one of the nations utilizing the euro (see graph). Most of the time, depositors are paid distinct interest rates in various states by the exact same bank. Deutsche Bank, for instance, offers 0.1% for a one-year term deposit in Germany, and 0.75% for the same …<div group="og_rss_groups"></div>