Italian fashion houses: Thinking outside the box

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Italian fashion houses


Italy's family-owned businesses should follow Brunello Cucinelli's lead in seeking outside investment



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ITALY is experiencing an ethnic, religious, economical and political revival, says Brunello Cucinelli, chief executive and the creator of the high-end clothing brand. Mr Cucinelli calls that Italy will shortly appear from the fiscal disaster which has found its market fall into downturn three times since 2008. But it’ll take some time, he says, for Italy to refocus its market on just what it does best: high end production.
As Mr Cucinelli proposes whether or not Italy can anticipate a golden age, one thing is clear: the business he founded in 1978–a manufacturer of high-end cashmere garments–is going from strength to strength. The flotation of a third of the company’s shares on the Milan stock exchange in the year 2012 was 18 times oversubscribed; …