Italy and Libya: Anxieties over the sea

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The fracturing that is great

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Italy and Libya


Italians fret about immigrants and Islamic extremists



SANT’ANTIOCO is a hamlet with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants off Sardinia. In 1815 it was the scene of the past large Moorish raid on Italy: more than a hundred Sardinians were captured as slaves. Berbers and Arabs Turks and eventually north African pirates terrorised the shore of Italy at times for 1,000 years. Muslims created enclaves there and ruled Sicily for centuries. In 846 they sacked the Vatican.
Muslim incursions are a distant folk memory–until now, when they seem not frighteningly absent. On February 15th Islamic State (IS) released a generally awful video of the decapitation of 21 Egyptian Copts. What dismay Italians was the title, “A Message Signed With Blood to the State of the Cross”, as well as a warning the jihadists are “south of Rome”. Italians understood their capital, the papal seat, was a goal. …& Lt;div course og_rss quot & _groups;></div>