Obituary: Michele Ferrero: Pleasant secrets

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Obituary: Michele Ferrero


Michele Ferrero, the chocolate king in Italy, expired on Valentine’s day

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IN THE sole interview Michele Ferrero didn’t remove his shades. This wasn’t simply to guard his eyes that are poor, yet to hide himself. Modesty was a custom. Individuals occasionally called him a legend; he’d turn the question gradually back on them by saying that, yes, his second name was really “Eugenio”, and his mom liked to call him that; but he was happy to be straightforward Michele, the lad together with the thick Piedmontese emphasis whose life had come to revolve round the farmers of the Alta Langa and their ample, delectable hazelnut harvest.
His love of solitude additionally had a commercial motive. He needed to keep secret the recipe for his hazelnut-chocolate spread, Nutella, of which 365m kilos are now have each year round the world, and which along with more than …<div group="og_rss_groups"></div>