The Economist: October 4th 2014 Digital highlights,

Drowned by the waveRapid technological advancement is leading to the increased automation of jobs which militaries of skilled workers have formerly performed. In our video, we investigate the effect this will have on the world economyThinking outside the carton as well as labour markets

Brunello Cucinelli, a leading fashion-house in Milan, is not common among moderate-sized companies as it’s opened its doors to external investors in Italy. If Italy would be to prosper many other family-owned businesses will need to do the sameBeing led from behind

The military in Afghanistan is feeling an ineffectual government in the back and increasingly isolated as it competes with a resurgent Taliban. A recent deal struck by the brand new president will provide welcome support from NATO troops From our blogsEconomist describes: The interrobang”You did what?!” At times of delight a just question mark might not suffice. For microblogging, the interrobang is the best succinct solutionSports: The new marketplace inefficienciesIn recent years the same winning strategy has been used by baseball’s World Series winners to their games. The teams in this year’s playoffs break that mouldEconomics: Respire deeplyFor individuals experiencing lung disorders, finding a replacement organ from living donors may be catchy. A mutually beneficial lung swap will help Most readIndia, America and political …