The labour market: in Italy Marching to another melody

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The labour market in Italy


A daring move to free up employment



WHILE many people’s eyes were on Greece, another southern European country was taking an extremely distinct way of easing its economic predicament. On February 20th Italy’s left-right coalition approved two decrees enacting the center of an employment reform last year, that parliament had generally supported.
The measures plan to close a yawning difference between Italy’s labour market “outsiders”, who are mainly younger workers on short term contracts with light entitlement to welfare benefits, as well as the safe “insiders”, usually older workers, who have both job security as well as the guarantee of an adequate pension.

The reform sweeps away a skein of temporary contracts, replacing the people with one until, after three years, new employees become entitled to a long-term occupation that affords they increasingly greater safeguards. On the flip side, …<div group="og_rss_groups"></div>