Economic reform in Europe: The growth of the Vallenzi

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Economic reform in Europe


The leaders of France and Italy have a window to pursue reforms that are actual, but it’s just a narrow one

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IN the euro zone’s smouldering economic landscape, the future is riding on two guys. In France Manuel Valls (pictured, right) is directing the reformist government in years (see post). In Italy, whose market is in worse condition than France’s, Matteo Renzi (the hugger in the left) is talking of change. Both have a promising Blairite program and have been in office for just half a year. But the Vallenzi are amenable to precisely the same criticism: that as far as reform goes, they’re all mouth and no pants.
Italy and France present a serious danger to the single money. They’re the euro zone’s second- and third-biggest members. Increase in France is level and unemployment stayed at over 10%. The budget hasn’t yet been balanced for 40 years, and …