Italy and reform: Renzi revisited

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The split that is homosexual

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Italy and reform


The Italian prime minister positions his credibility to the passing of reforms that are large faces plenty of doubters



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THE Sala Verde (green room) in the prime minister’s official residence, Palazzo Chigi, in Rome has previously been the picture of three way discussions between the government, companies and the unions that survived for days. It was to this chamber that Matteo Renzi, the current prime minister, invited representatives of both sides on October 7th to discuss a revamped employment bill vital to the credibility as a liberalising management of his government. The present prime gave them each 60 minutes, beginning at 8am. “Just once before has [such] a lack of social dialogue been found in Europe,” spluttered Susanna Camusso, leader of the largest trade union federation. “With Thatcher.”
But in Italy, where …