The papal windfall in Rome: A time to give thanks

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The papal windfall in Rome


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FOR the head of the hoteliers’ association in Rome, the statement was “manna from heaven”. On March 13th Pope Francis declared sacred year, or an amazing jubilee, to continue from December 8th 2015 until November 20th 2016. (Average jubilees are proclaimed every 25 years; the pontiff is entitled to proclaim additional ones if he feels the religious demand.)
Mammon and God have generally been uncomfortably a time when Catholics are motivated to make pilgrimages to Rome, during sacred years, intensify their devotions, and meditate on such topics as forgiveness and clemency. In the late Middle Ages, the church used jubilees to marketplace indulgences, purporting to shorten the receiver’s stay in purgatory. …& Lt;div course og_rss quot & _groups;></div>